Round Top, Texas

Last weekend we went to Round Top and the surrounding areas Round Top signThe population is actually at 93 now.   But during the antiques fair it swells to thousands and thousands.   We stopped at many, many places but the place I was most excited about was The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell.The PrairieIt is a little off the beaten path, but once you get there it is so serene.  The weather was absolutely beautiful.   We didn’t stay in any of her wonderful little cottages, but driving up this was the first thing you see.

entrance to The Prairie

There are directions that take you to the actual store, which is where I wanted to go.

The Prairie by  Rachel AshwellFarmboy was bored by the interior of the store and maybe just a little uncomfortable.  He spent his time outside snapping pictures while I shopped.

Inside the storeThis beautiful horse is in a corner of the shop, next to the restroom.

table and chairs

Inside is a farm table with chairs.  Each chair has a different slipcover on it.

sitting areaThis was the sitting area.  The chair on the right is soft and mushy and just holds you close when you sit in it.

The couchThe sofa pictured above is the Rachel, I believe.  The one here is slip-covered in linen.  I sat down on this sofa and was in Heaven.  This is the most comfortable sofa I have ever sat in my whole entire life.  It’s the perfect amount of softness, thanks to the down-wrapped cushions.  The back is tall enough to support you.  I would have to buy it slip-covered in white denim because I have dogs who believe the sofa is theirs, and to buy it and have it shipped to my house would be a little over $4000.00!!!  I have never bought a $4000 sofa.  I’ve had the iconic IKEA sofa, and it was fine for that period in my life.  I’ve tested the different Pottery Barn sofas, but nothing has ever compared to this.  So yes, although it’s terribly expensive, I’m saving my  money and planning on buying one in a year.   At this stage in my life, I have concluded that I’d rather shell out the money for the good stuff, even if I have to save for it, than settle for cheaper.

coffee table

In this picture you can see the coffee table.  I loved it and I’m not even sure if Rachel Ashwell sells it.  But I do know that Farmboy can create one just like it and I can do the paint treatment for less than we could buy it anywhere.  I plan to do that when it’s time to purchase the new sofa.

coffee table top

In the picture above, you can see the paint treatment on the top of it.

sitting area

Here’s the outdoor seating area.  Below are more pictures Farmboy snapped while I was shopping.






It was a beautiful day and we didn’t really buy anything, but we enjoyed it all.