Proud Parents

What’s a blog for if you can’t brag about your kids a little bit?  Farm Boy and I are so proud of our daughter, Kathryn.  She’ll always be Katy to us but to her friends she’s Kathryn.  She’s overcome so many things to get to where she is today.  Recently she was inducted into Kappa Delta Pi, an International Honor Society in Education.  It’s not the first honor society she’s been in since she began college but it’s the most important, as she is studying to be a teacher.

In the picture below, my daughter-in-law, Nikki, me, and Katy are posing.  Nikki is also a teacher and has been inducted into Kappa Delta Pi, so this was a special time for us.

Nikki Mom and Katy


A student Katy had mentored was also there, and very happy to reconnect with Katy.  The two of them really enjoyed each other.

Katy and her student


It was so nice to have our son – Charles and his wife, Nikki, there with us for this special celebration.  Below are my son, Charles, Katy, and Farm Boy.

Kaleb Katy DadCongratulations, Katy, and thank you for being the person you are!!!