A Beautiful Gift

A few month’s ago, I emailed Laurie at Heaven’s Walk and asked her to make me a dream catcher.  Laurie makes some of the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen.  During that time, Laurie’s mother and father died, and she was heartbroken.  I told her not to create the dream catcher until she was ready.  I wanted her to have time to mourn.

A little while later, the ;package came in the mail.


It was beautifully wrapped.


It even had a sweet note tucked in the ribbon.  I opened it and was amazed at the beauty she created.


I’d given her very little direction, asking her to make it from her heart, and if you know Laurie,  you know she has a beautiful, loving heart.


So I asked that a heart be incorporated into it.

DSC_2667I also asked for a cross.

The rest she put together.



But that’s not all that came from Laurie.  There was a second package, also beautifully wrapped.


And inside was a beautiful, sacred heart that Laurie made out of clay.  I was so touched and so happy to have it.

DSC_2681It’s on the silver tray.  Do yourself a favor and visit her website.  She lives in a wonderful farmhouse with amazing gardens.