So Many Blessings

I have a wonderful husband, Farm Boy, and we’ve been married for 33 years.

I have a great daughter, who is smart and hard-working.  She’s a junior in college studying to be a teacher.  She’s been inducted into more than one honor society, and been on the dean’s list.

I have a wonderful son, and now a fabulous daughter-in-law.  And yes, I truly do love her.  They got married in January of this year and are getting close to celebrating a year together.  The picture below is before they were married, when she lived out of town.  It was our son’s birthday and we insisted on taking him to Chili’s for his dinner.  He wasn’t really enthusiastic but didn’t want to disappoint us so he went along.  Nikki surprised by him by sneaking into town and showing up at Chili’s.  We took this picture right after he saw her.  I love the absolute bliss I see on his face as he’s holding her.  She was the right woman for him, and a great addition to our family.

Kaleb and Nikki


And another member of our family is Bella, the wonder dobie.  She’s a red Doberman Pincsher and weighs nearly 100 pounds.  We did not get her ears clipped as the vet said that is an awful surgery for the puppies.  She is beautiful, smart, loving and protective.

BellaAfter 3 years, we still think of her as our special puppy.


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