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Moving into a home built in the 70’s meant that we were gifted with some lovely Harvest Gold Appliances in the kitchen, as well as outdated bathrooms and wall-to-wall carpet.  It lacked the charm of our farmhouse, but was affordable and in West Houston/Katy where our jobs were at.  So we moved in.  We’ve made many changes over the years, both at our Katy House and the Farm House.

Here’s a tour of some of the rooms in our Katy House.

The Master Bedroom

We’ll start with the master bedroom.  This is, by far, my favorite room in the house.  We’ve had the king-sized 4 poster bed for years and years.  It even has a bullet embedded in one of the posts, but that’s a story for another time.

bedroom 1


I change the bedding out according to the seasons.  In the winter we have a blue and white Ralph Lauren quilt as our bedspread, accented with blue toile pillows.

blue bedroom

At one time the bedroom was done in red toile.  It was Farm Boy’s favorite look – he really loved it.  But to me it wasn’t peaceful.  I need soothing neutrals for the most part.  And since he has his own man cave, he’s nice enough to let me decorate our room the way I like.

red toile bedroom


I love this chair – it’s upholstered in a very soft, white leather.  We only have the one and so it sits in the bedroom.  The mirror hanging above it is an antique French mirror.  Both of these items were purchased in the antique shops in downtown Rosenberg.  The lamp I purchased at Goodwill.  It had shiny gold arms on it which I repainted with Oil Rubbed Bronze.

bedroom 2


I love the pillows on our bed and usually make my own.

bedroom 6


I would love to paint the old tv cabinet a light gray but I’m afraid if I even mentioned it, Farm Boy might stroke out.  He loves the deep, stained wood.  And we will always have a ceiling fan, no matter how unfashionable they may be.  It’s HOT in Houston, folks, and there’s lots of humidity.

bedroom 4


The small writing desk in the corner has been in Farm Boy’s family for a great many years.  When we got it, it had some strange painting technique that looked like faux antiquing with green tints to it.  I stripped it, painted it white and added appliques.  My makeup is stored inside and it’s where I sit each morning to prepare for the day.  The picture on the wall is byChristie Repasy and was given to me by my son.   The chandelier is one I grabbed out of the trash – one of my neighbors was tossing it out and replacing it with a much more modern one.  It was an ugly brass that I painted and added shades to.

bedroom 5


I hope you’ve enjoyed the master bedroom.

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