The Herring Farm has been in cultivation since 1905.  This blog chronicles it’s history and keeps up-to-date with what’s going on now.  Wheat is still raised in the fields, and sometimes there are cattle in the pastures.   You can still see wild life out here, including the occasional snake and wildcat, sometimes closer than you like.  You can also see the stars at night in the sky.  You can see a storm coming in from miles away.  Hear the wind rustling through the trees.   Watch the flag flapping on the flagpole.   And relax in the absolute silence.   If your night is interrupted it’s most likely a wild animal, and not a siren screaming down your street.  Crime is still front page news out here, not an everyday occurrence.  There is peace here.  To read about the beginning of the farm, click here.


Charles and Susan Herring, owners of Herring Farm

Charles and Susan

Charles and Susan

Our daughter-in-law, Nicole (we call her Nikki) and son, Kaleb.Nicole and Kaleb

Our daughter, Kathryn (we call her Katy).Katy

Bella and Diesel Herring – the Herring Dobermans


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