Farmboy grew up with horses.  He raised cattle and herded them with cutting horses.  As a child, he had a Shetland pony, and later on quarter horses.  If we lived at the farm full time I know he would rebuild our barn (which was destroyed by a tornado) and get some horses.  We would also have gardens and try to raise a lot of our own food.  There are farms all around us where people raise horses and now and then we capture some wonderful pictures of the horses.

Mare and Foal Grazing in Farm Pasture

This beautiful mare and her baby live around the corner from us.  His daddy is a gorgeous black stallion, but daddy wouldn’t come close enough to the fence to get a good picture.


Farther on down the highway there was a Paint Mama and Baby.  Their pasture was wooded and Mama was a little shy so it was harder to get ;pictures.






I’m just a City Girl, but in high school I worked part time taking care of 3 magnificent Arabians.  I truly believe that horses are some of God’s most noble creatures, and I would totally support Farm Boy in getting some, if we could live on the farm full time.

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