The French Armoire

If you read my blog, you’ll remember how much  I wanted a beautiful French armoire like this one.  I could find them but they were either way too tall for my ceilings or more often way out of my price range.  I had been saving money for quite a time in anticipation of ever finding one that met my criteria.   I would even have been happy with a reproduction.  We live in west Houston right next to “Old” Katy.  That is the old downtown of Katy and it boasts several antique shops.  One of our favorites is Dovetail Antiques . The owner, Lisa, buys antiques that come from France, England and Belgium. Farmboy and I were just window-shopping a couple of weeks ago, and there she was!!! Fifi, an armoire in the style I like directly from France. (And yes, I name many things, including prime pieces of furniture and appliances, as well as vehicles.) Lisa even gave me a discount.

And here she is in all her gorgeousness!!!

Fifi - 1We’re friends, right?  So I know you’ll be kind enough to excuse the dusty floor and the cords wandering through the picture.

DSC_2674From the top of her crown….

Fifi - 2

To the bottom of her feet, I love her!!!  I would love to paint her white and distress her just a little, but I’m afraid Farmboy would be very unhappy if I did.  She definitely came from France and we can only guess her age, but she has the original key to her lock!  Lisa gave her lots of TLC before she put her out for purchase, and we will continue to do so.

Welcome home, Fifi.



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