It’s the Little Things

I think we often fail to appreciate how very lucky are.  We take so many  things for granted and we’re not happy because our house isn’t big enough or new enough or the wrong style.  Our couch is old and needs replacing and oh how much we’d like a new kitchen.  But you know, regardless of how old or small your home is, you have so much that others don’t.  Like clean, running water.  Indoor toilets.  Electricity.  Transportation.  Food.  Clothing.  Things that many people don’t have.  I looked around my house at some of the material things that I have that make me really happy, and none of them are terribly expensive.  (Forgive the quality of the pictures – I took them with my phone).

20140706_195258My “Sanctuary” sign is one of those things.  Purchased many years ago from Dore’ at Burlap Luxe.  She makes many beautiful things and is so talented.  I have loved this sign and look at it often.  It’s deceptively simple looking but in person you can see the quality of workmanship and the talent required to make it.


My handmade plaque with hooks.  My daughter-in-law has the most talented father.  He made her a plaque like this and I admired it so very much.  He was kind enough to make one for me.


It is completely hand-carved and took hours of work.  I’ll always love it.


My Rachel Ashwell candle.  I paid more for it than I normally do, but it instills a truly peaceful feeling in me.   I light it in my bedroom for about an hour before I go to bed and it releases a peaceful scent that helps lull me to sleep.


My little jar of Robin’s egg soaps.   The eggs lend a splash of color in my mostly neutral bedroom and remind me of when the sweet mama robin hatched her babies in a nest in the middle of my rosebush.

nestIf you look hard, you can see the eggs.  She chattered unhappily every time I took pictures.

baby birds 2

There are actually 3 little robins in the nest.  They were waiting for me to feed them.


The French inspired clock my daughter made me.  I love it’s slight imperfections and the knowledge that while we were away at the farm, she pulled out the drill, a tool she’d never used before and drilled a hole in the middle of it for the “hands”.


The wonderful meal we enjoyed yesterday with The Pioneer Woman’s Perfect Potato salad, fresh corn on the cobb, and ribs that Farmboy and I made together.

angel wings2

The metal angel wings I bought from Decor Steals.  They fit perfectly in a small space that was previously neglected.


The hat my mother decorated for me 20 years ago.  I love the timeless appeal of it and keep it hanging on my bedroom wall.


My vintage jar with it’s beautiful turquoise color, and the fact that I can afford to buy flowers at the grocery store.  There was a time when that would have been out of my reach.

More than anything, I’m so very grateful for Farm Boy, who married me in spite of the fact that I was a City Girl  (I’m not sure his mother ever forgave him for that), and my three beautiful, wonderful children – my son, my daughter-in-law (who fit into our family so well) and my daughter.  I’m grateful for a marriage that has lasted nearly 34 years, and a man who treats me so well (Love you Farm Boy).  I’m grateful for a job I enjoy and some wonderful co-workers.  And I’m grateful for a God who loves me in spite of my imperfections and a Savior who went to the cross for me.  And, although there are many wonderful places to live, I’m very happy to live in Texas.,

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