We’re getting a lot of rain which is so needed.   It let up enough for firecrackers last night.   Farmboy and I sat in the front  yard and watched for a little while.  We also finally found some new front porch furniture at Lowe’s.  We have to wait for it to come from the factory.  Lesson learned – do not wait until mid-summer to replace your outdoor furniture.  It will be sold out everywhere if you do.


Not sure if these are orchids or what?  The picture does not do them justice.  They are an amazing, brilliant blue.  They were $35 each at Lowe’s so I didn’t get one.  I’m famous for killing healthy plants.

strawberry cake

I never have time to bake and have never really enjoyed it.  But this weekend I suddenly had the urge and made a strawberry cake from scratch.   It is not a thing of beauty but it tastes wonderful.  I also made some banana nut bread but I need a different recipe – I don’t like the texture of the one I used, and The Pioneer Womans Perfect Potato salad, which is really good.  I’m beginning to think I might actually enjoy staying at home and being a housewife.  Or maybe not.  I love my job, too.

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