The Long Road

Herring Farm - 1905

Getting away to our farm house means leaving all the city noises behind, along with the conveniences of living in a big city.    In Houston, we’re so used to hearing sirens we don’t even go out to look and see if it’s ambulance, fire truck or police car.  We hear our neighbors – their music, their conversations, their movements.  The sky is never dark enough to really see the stars at night.  Something is almost always flying over us  – news helicopters, planes, LifeFlight.

Silence.  That’s what you hear out at the farm, with the occasional call of wild animals, and the moo of cows, but mostly peaceful, blissful silence.

Farm Boy and I both work hard and work long hours, so when the time comes to go out to the farm, we can’t wait.  Once we turn down the road that leads to our farm…

Herring Road…the stress relief begins.  The road is rough and somewhat crude, with all sorts of material patching up the holes in it.  If you encounter the rare vehicle coming towards you, both of you have to pull into the ditch to pass each other.  There’s fields and pastures on both sides of the road.  No traffic lights, no people suffering from road rage, no loud music.

Just more silence….

the drivewayWhat a blessing it is to pull into this driveway and know that we’re home for a little while.



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