Feathers in the wind

Almost all of my pillows are feather pillows.  I love how soft and squishy they are.  Lest you think I have lots of money, I get them at IKEA for about $8 each.  Sometimes I design the cover myself and sometimes I copy what’s out there.  Most of my images come from Karen at The Graphics Fairy.

This one is a copy of several I’ve seen out on the web.

french pillow

french pillow

IMAG0687This one is my own design, using a monogram font.

Both of these are made with the simple iron-on transfer paper for fabric.  I make them in  a graphics program – Adobe Photoshop or CorelDraw – print them and iron them on.  I always iron them on before I sew them.  That way if there is some mistake I haven’t wasted all that time sewing.   The stripes are painted on with regular craft paint that I added fabric medium to.  The fabric is simply drop cloths from Lowe’s that I’ve washed several times with a little bit of bleach.

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