Susan and Chief Heap

I’ve been attending Harris County Precinct 5 Citizen’s Police Academy, and after 10 weeks we’ve graduated. In the photo above I’m shown with Chief Ted Heap. He was an active participant in our class and played the bad guy in some of our scenarios. We had to take him down and “arrest” him, and he was a handful! Don’t let the friendly smile fool you – he makes a formidable bad guy. Glad he’s on our side!


Pictured above is Deputy Roy Guinn (on the right), who was our primary instructor and put the classes together. He was a great instructor and so much fun to work with. Our class came together as a team and cheered each other on.


At our last class, we got to do a “ride along”. Above is the car I rode in. I was lucky and got to ride with my BFF, Sergeant Mirrian Glover.


While we were out patrolling we stopped to visit with one of the neighbors. I can’t show the neighbor’s face as I don’t have her permission to do so.

We came away with a great appreciation of what our peace officers do, and the dangers they encounter while doing it. If you ever have the chance to take one of these classes, I hope you will do so.


A special thanks to Deputy Roy Guinn (on the right) for putting this all together, for encouraging us, and for laughing with us. Thanks to Sgt. Preston (center) and Sgt. Roesler (left) for the instruction and help they gave us.