Inside the China Cabinet

Are you tired of my china cabinet yet?  I just wanted to share a few things with you.DSC_2244

This rooster is two parts.  The top comes off and there is storage inside.  I assume it is some kind of serving dish.

DSC_2245It is an antique from Germany.  My mother bought it for my grandmother, who is German.  Her family immigrated over here from Germany and when my grandmother died, my mother gave it to me.  There is also a hen that goes with it further down in the china cabinet.  The two smaller chickens next to are salt and pepper shakers that go with it.

DSC_2246Farmboy bought me these beautiful plates one year for my birthday.  We found a very limited set of them at an antique shop and I loved them.  I have a full set of very formal wedding china stored in the bottom of the china cabinet but it has turned out that we just are not very formal people.



The Dining Room Table

Buying the china cabinet kind of made me realize that the dings and scrapes and chips in the dining room table weren’t of the shabby chic variety but more the just shabby variety, as seen below.



And so I decided it was time to paint it to match the other furniture in the room.  Farmboy absolutely hates painting but he was kind enough to help me set up.  First of all he brought some storage bins in from the garage and flipped the table upside down so I could paint the underside and legs.


DSC_2221Love those feet on the table but as you can see, they are not of the shabby chic variety, just plain shabby.

I decided to use Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old White for two very good reasons.  First, you don’t have to strip the old finish off (and that is the major number one reason) and second, because I just happened to have it on hand.


This was my first experience doing a major piece of furniture using ASCP and I learned a few things.   It covers well but you will need 2 coats, which is what other users had posted on their blogs.  Second, it’s best to do one coat one day, rest up, and the do the second coat on another day when you’re not quit so tired and not prone to make mistakes (like spill your water bottle all over your nicely painted top).   Once it was all painted, I opted to seal it with shiny polycrylic to make it water proof since we would be dining on it and ***ahem*** some of us are clumsy.   If I had to do it again I would use a matte sealer.   On furniture that I wouldn’t be eating on I would probably have used the wax.



It doesn’t feel like the red-headed step-child at a family reunion anymore.  Now it feels like it fits in with the rest of the furniture.



It can show off it’s curvy legs next to the chairs.



And those formerly beat up feet are all nice and smooth and creamy white.



She’s even accessorized and ready to host a meal.



And because we all like pictures, here’s a close up of the center piece.



These are antique glass doorknobs with antique silk flowers on them.



And I’ll leave you with a close up of the detail on the chairs.

While I was busy painting, Farmboy was busy installing a new faucet in the master-bedroom.  The old faucet was constantly dripping, and my sink was always wet.  I’m so excited to have the new faucet, and the best part was, it was one of the cheaper ones at Lowe’s.  Usually the ones I like are at the top end but this one just happened to be a less expensive one.



The China Cabinet

Last weekend Farmboy and I went to an Antique Mall that we’d never visited before.  It was a washout.   Full of overpriced junk.  Very disappointing.  But as we were leaving we passed by another antique mall that looked very small from the outside and decided to drop by.  Once inside, we were surprised by how huge it was.   And it was full of wonderful things with some truly lovely things.  The prices varied by vendors.  We were almost through the entire mall when I spotted it.

The China Cabinet - unloaded

There she was and she was beautiful.  Large, with plenty of storage.  White and slightly distressed.  Just like I’d always wanted in the 33 years we’d been married.  Hesitantly I glanced at the price tag.   And shuddered.  Way out of my league, especially with a daughter in college.  Just then the man from the next booth came over and told me that the lady who owned that piece of furniture and the others in that booth was willing to make a deal on all of her furniture.  He explained the process she went through to paint and prepare her furniture.  I still thought it would be way more than I could afford. I thanked him nicely and moved on.  I couldn’t quit thinking about that china cabinet, though, and eventually went back, and asked him what kind of a deal she would make.  He called her and she came back with a price that was more than half off.  And now that beautiful china cabinet happily resides in my dining room.

The China Cabinet in place

The China Cabinet in place

Thank you, sweet Farmboy, for making my dream come true and helping me take the old Ikea buffet out and wash all of my china and style, and refurbish the lights and set it all up, and everything you did.