The Drought

It’s been so long since we’ve had a rainy season at the farm. The tanks are all dry. The grass is crunchy.
North Tank in Summer1This is what the North Tank used to look like in the summer.  It was stocked with fish, among other creatures.   When we there last time, we could walk through all of the wooded pastures easily because the wild grasses had not grown up.  There were no wild creatures to be seen.

storm at farm

The yard barely needs mowing, except for a some straggly weeds that have grown up.  We get occasional rains but never enough.

Overcast Farm2As you can see, these pictures are old.  Every where you see signs that say, “Pray for rain”.  I only can add my plea, “Pray for rain.”


Update:  We have received some rain and things are looking so much better.  God is good.