The Kitchen

When we  moved in, our kitchen was the typical 70’s kitchen with Harvest Gold appliances and yellow counter tops.  We really couldn’t afford to gut the place and do a big remodel, so we used paint and ingenuity to update our kitchen.

We began by refacing the front of the cabinets.  I really like the cottage vibe, especially since this house is on the smaller side, so Farm Boy refaced the cabinets with beadboard and then built beadboard doors to go with them.  As you can see, we’ve still got the yellow counter tops and it seems dark and gloomy in here.

Kitchen Before

As time went on I patched the missing chunks in the counter tops and painted them with paint specially made for formica counter tops (purchased at Lowe’s).  That was several years ago, and they’ve held up fairly well.  I also painted the cabinets white, which to Farm Boy was pretty much a sin as he loves the natural wood and doesn’t understand why I have to paint it all.  But, I think it really brightened up the kitchen a lot.

Kitchen After


It’s amazing what a little paint can do….

One last look at the “Before and After”.

kitchen b& a