The Wedding

When I first saw my future daughter-in-law in her bridal gown on the day of the wedding, I cried.  She looked so beautiful, so ready to be married to my only son.   And we were so ready for her to be part of our family.  I don’t really have any wedding pictures yet as we were too busy taking part in everything to stop and take pictures.

IMAG0659This is Nikkii’s wedding cake.  Her colors were black and white with deep red accents.

Groom's Cake

Groom’s Cake

And this is Kaleb’s cake.

Bridal Party

Bridal party

Here’s a picture of the bridal party snapped with Charles’ cell phone.  As soon as we have the other pictures, I’ll post them.

Katy's Hair

Katy’s Hair

My daughter was maid of honor.  We had her hair done that morning.  Here’s a view of the back.