It’s Been A While….

You know how life gets so busy and you never have time for the things you want to do….that’s how mine has been lately.   Today’s post is going to be kind of random, letting you know all that’s going on at the farm and in town.

katy graduation

In May, my daughter, Kathryn on the right, graduated from college with her teaching degree (that’s the director of the education program standing with her).  I’m so proud of her – she is in at least 3 honor societies, and graduated with highest honors.  She has obtained her certification and is now actively searching for a teaching position in Katy ISD.  She worked extremely hard to have such a high GPA.  She absolutely loved student teaching and I have faith that she will obtain a great job for her.  We will be having a graduation party for her on July 18th.  We would have had it sooner but her father (Farm Boy) was traveling on business for several months and we wanted him to be there for it.


My daughter-in-law, Nicole, and son, Kaleb, attended a fund raising event at the school she teaches at in CyFair ISD and posed with props for a picture.

You’ve read about our red Doberman, Bella, and how much we love her. She was not in a picture taking mood when I snapped the Chihuahuas.


Here’s Pilar, the little princess, very comfortable on mommy and daddy’s king size bed.  She weighs less than 6 pounds and sleeps most of the day.


Pepe would have preferred to not have his picture taken and be allowed to just nap undisturbed.

before and after lamps

I got tired of the black lamps in our living room, and have been gradually adding some pops of turquoise.  Target now carries some chalk paint and I thought I’d give it a try.  It’s over in the crafts section, by the office supplies.  I really love the new color and it went on quite well.  The first coat looked awful but the second turned out great.


I”ve been attending a Citizens Police Academy put on by Harris County Precinct 5.  Here is one of the instructors, who also happens to be friend, Sergeant Preston, with all of his many toys.  It’s been an eye opening class so far, and surprisingly lots of fun!


And last but not least, a picture of Farm Boy with one of his new rifles, practicing out at the farm.  We have lots of unwelcome critters out there (boars, skunks, armadillos, wild cats, coyotes, poisonous snakes) and have to be prepared to defend ourselves and our dogs.  Some of them are quite aggressive.


Proud Parents

What’s a blog for if you can’t brag about your kids a little bit?  Farm Boy and I are so proud of our daughter, Kathryn.  She’ll always be Katy to us but to her friends she’s Kathryn.  She’s overcome so many things to get to where she is today.  Recently she was inducted into Kappa Delta Pi, an International Honor Society in Education.  It’s not the first honor society she’s been in since she began college but it’s the most important, as she is studying to be a teacher.

In the picture below, my daughter-in-law, Nikki, me, and Katy are posing.  Nikki is also a teacher and has been inducted into Kappa Delta Pi, so this was a special time for us.

Nikki Mom and Katy


A student Katy had mentored was also there, and very happy to reconnect with Katy.  The two of them really enjoyed each other.

Katy and her student


It was so nice to have our son – Charles and his wife, Nikki, there with us for this special celebration.  Below are my son, Charles, Katy, and Farm Boy.

Kaleb Katy DadCongratulations, Katy, and thank you for being the person you are!!!