Susan and Chief Heap

I’ve been attending Harris County Precinct 5 Citizen’s Police Academy, and after 10 weeks we’ve graduated. In the photo above I’m shown with Chief Ted Heap. He was an active participant in our class and played the bad guy in some of our scenarios. We had to take him down and “arrest” him, and he was a handful! Don’t let the friendly smile fool you – he makes a formidable bad guy. Glad he’s on our side!


Pictured above is Deputy Roy Guinn (on the right), who was our primary instructor and put the classes together. He was a great instructor and so much fun to work with. Our class came together as a team and cheered each other on.


At our last class, we got to do a “ride along”. Above is the car I rode in. I was lucky and got to ride with my BFF, Sergeant Mirrian Glover.


While we were out patrolling we stopped to visit with one of the neighbors. I can’t show the neighbor’s face as I don’t have her permission to do so.

We came away with a great appreciation of what our peace officers do, and the dangers they encounter while doing it. If you ever have the chance to take one of these classes, I hope you will do so.


A special thanks to Deputy Roy Guinn (on the right) for putting this all together, for encouraging us, and for laughing with us. Thanks to Sgt. Preston (center) and Sgt. Roesler (left) for the instruction and help they gave us.

Some New Things

I recently bought a couple of new things for the house in Katy.


I bought this rustic crown from Dore at Burlap Luxe . It’s so delicate and romantic, gently aged and just perfect for display. If you haven’t visited Dore’s website or her etsy shop, please do so. She makes some wonderfully romantic, peaceful art.

Farmboy drove me into Houston and I finally got to go to a physical Pottery Barn store.  It was full of all kinds of beautiful things.  I decided to buy a new shower curtain for the world’s smallest master bathroom.  It’s light and airy with just the right touch of ruffles.

Pottery Barn shoswer curtain

The picture is not the best because the bathroom truly is tiny and I couldn’t fit in there and get a decent picture.   You might have noticed that white is my favorite color.  I find it soothing.



The French Armoire

If you read my blog, you’ll remember how much  I wanted a beautiful French armoire like this one.  I could find them but they were either way too tall for my ceilings or more often way out of my price range.  I had been saving money for quite a time in anticipation of ever finding one that met my criteria.   I would even have been happy with a reproduction.  We live in west Houston right next to “Old” Katy.  That is the old downtown of Katy and it boasts several antique shops.  One of our favorites is Dovetail Antiques . The owner, Lisa, buys antiques that come from France, England and Belgium. Farmboy and I were just window-shopping a couple of weeks ago, and there she was!!! Fifi, an armoire in the style I like directly from France. (And yes, I name many things, including prime pieces of furniture and appliances, as well as vehicles.) Lisa even gave me a discount.

And here she is in all her gorgeousness!!!

Fifi - 1We’re friends, right?  So I know you’ll be kind enough to excuse the dusty floor and the cords wandering through the picture.

DSC_2674From the top of her crown….

Fifi - 2

To the bottom of her feet, I love her!!!  I would love to paint her white and distress her just a little, but I’m afraid Farmboy would be very unhappy if I did.  She definitely came from France and we can only guess her age, but she has the original key to her lock!  Lisa gave her lots of TLC before she put her out for purchase, and we will continue to do so.

Welcome home, Fifi.



The Mystery of the Shoe

The ShoeIf you look in the parking space between the two trucks you will see a shoe, specifically a beige/tan ladies pump.   Farmboy and I went to IHOP for breakfast and on the way out to our truck we saw this.  Now, we’ve seen old shoes, sneakers, etc. by themselves in a parking lot, but never a perfectly good ladies pump.

the shoe

As you can see, it’s a good quality, nearly new shoe.  And it was in the upright position just like that when we found it.  Don’t you wonder how it got there?  How does a woman, wearing heels, just walk out of one shoe and leave it behind?  I guess we’ll never know.

The raven

Maybe this bird could tell us.  He seemed like he knew everything that went on in the parking lot.

round bird

Or maybe this decidedly plumper bird could tell us.

Probably not.  I guess we’ll never know.  But we’ll always wonder about it.





Soft Surroundings

We recently got the new Soft Surroundings catalog in the mail.  It is full of beautiful things.  I’m not affiliated with them and I do not receive any compensation for mentioning them.  But there was so much in this last catalog that I have to share with you.


This is the front of the catalog.  Love the finish on the chest.


The wall treatment is really eye-catching and the writing desk very attractive.


Wouldn’t you love to cuddle up on that bed with a good book and tasty beverage?


All of the neutrals with pops of orange – lovely.


Love the rug and the chairs with the slipcovers.  For more wonderful lusciousness, see their website at

It’s the Little Things

I think we often fail to appreciate how very lucky are.  We take so many  things for granted and we’re not happy because our house isn’t big enough or new enough or the wrong style.  Our couch is old and needs replacing and oh how much we’d like a new kitchen.  But you know, regardless of how old or small your home is, you have so much that others don’t.  Like clean, running water.  Indoor toilets.  Electricity.  Transportation.  Food.  Clothing.  Things that many people don’t have.  I looked around my house at some of the material things that I have that make me really happy, and none of them are terribly expensive.  (Forgive the quality of the pictures – I took them with my phone).

20140706_195258My “Sanctuary” sign is one of those things.  Purchased many years ago from Dore’ at Burlap Luxe.  She makes many beautiful things and is so talented.  I have loved this sign and look at it often.  It’s deceptively simple looking but in person you can see the quality of workmanship and the talent required to make it.


My handmade plaque with hooks.  My daughter-in-law has the most talented father.  He made her a plaque like this and I admired it so very much.  He was kind enough to make one for me.


It is completely hand-carved and took hours of work.  I’ll always love it.


My Rachel Ashwell candle.  I paid more for it than I normally do, but it instills a truly peaceful feeling in me.   I light it in my bedroom for about an hour before I go to bed and it releases a peaceful scent that helps lull me to sleep.


My little jar of Robin’s egg soaps.   The eggs lend a splash of color in my mostly neutral bedroom and remind me of when the sweet mama robin hatched her babies in a nest in the middle of my rosebush.

nestIf you look hard, you can see the eggs.  She chattered unhappily every time I took pictures.

baby birds 2

There are actually 3 little robins in the nest.  They were waiting for me to feed them.


The French inspired clock my daughter made me.  I love it’s slight imperfections and the knowledge that while we were away at the farm, she pulled out the drill, a tool she’d never used before and drilled a hole in the middle of it for the “hands”.


The wonderful meal we enjoyed yesterday with The Pioneer Woman’s Perfect Potato salad, fresh corn on the cobb, and ribs that Farmboy and I made together.

angel wings2

The metal angel wings I bought from Decor Steals.  They fit perfectly in a small space that was previously neglected.


The hat my mother decorated for me 20 years ago.  I love the timeless appeal of it and keep it hanging on my bedroom wall.


My vintage jar with it’s beautiful turquoise color, and the fact that I can afford to buy flowers at the grocery store.  There was a time when that would have been out of my reach.

More than anything, I’m so very grateful for Farm Boy, who married me in spite of the fact that I was a City Girl  (I’m not sure his mother ever forgave him for that), and my three beautiful, wonderful children – my son, my daughter-in-law (who fit into our family so well) and my daughter.  I’m grateful for a marriage that has lasted nearly 34 years, and a man who treats me so well (Love you Farm Boy).  I’m grateful for a job I enjoy and some wonderful co-workers.  And I’m grateful for a God who loves me in spite of my imperfections and a Savior who went to the cross for me.  And, although there are many wonderful places to live, I’m very happy to live in Texas.,


We’re getting a lot of rain which is so needed.   It let up enough for firecrackers last night.   Farmboy and I sat in the front  yard and watched for a little while.  We also finally found some new front porch furniture at Lowe’s.  We have to wait for it to come from the factory.  Lesson learned – do not wait until mid-summer to replace your outdoor furniture.  It will be sold out everywhere if you do.


Not sure if these are orchids or what?  The picture does not do them justice.  They are an amazing, brilliant blue.  They were $35 each at Lowe’s so I didn’t get one.  I’m famous for killing healthy plants.

strawberry cake

I never have time to bake and have never really enjoyed it.  But this weekend I suddenly had the urge and made a strawberry cake from scratch.   It is not a thing of beauty but it tastes wonderful.  I also made some banana nut bread but I need a different recipe – I don’t like the texture of the one I used, and The Pioneer Womans Perfect Potato salad, which is really good.  I’m beginning to think I might actually enjoy staying at home and being a housewife.  Or maybe not.  I love my job, too.

Junk Street Market

Farm Boy and I love to peruse antique stores.  There’s a part of Katy proper (we live in the unincorporated part of Katy) downtown that has revived in the last few years and we visit the stores there about twice a month.  There was a store that had been there for a year that we’d never visited, because it was down the street from our favorites.

Junk Street Market

Junk Street Market

Their website is .  We walked in and I knew I’d found the shop I’d been looking for. 20140524_095203This is what greeted us just inside the door.  What to look at first?  Oh my, I suddenly wished I had a bigger house and bigger budget because there were so many things I would have liked to take home.  Do you see the gorgeous turquoise colored cabinet in back?

Blue cabinet

Blue cabinet

It’s hard to tell from the picture but this cabinet is painted in a soft blue.  The pictures don’t do it justice.  I didn’t have my camera with me and used my cell phone.

Painted chest

Painted chest

If I had a nursery this would have gone home with me.  It’s beautifully hand-painted, and good for either a boy or a girl.

Painted Chest Detail

Painted Chest Detail

Look at those precious little birds.

Coffee Table

Coffee Table

There was beautiful stenciling on the top of this coffee table. If you’re in west Houston, or the Katy area, I encourage to visit Junk Street Market, located at 5625 2nd Street, Katy, TX 77493, or call them to inquire about any pieces at 281-391-JUNK (5865).  Jannet runs the place and is great to talk with.

A little bit of Springtime

It has been pouring down rain all weekend, so please forgive the quality of these pictures.  Are you one of those very creative people who comes up with all sorts of ideas for decorating and fluffing?

Bright, spring flowers

Bright, spring flowers

Well, I’m not.  But I’m very good at getting them from other blogs.    I’ve seen flowers stuck in vintage canning jars on lots of blogs but the most recent and the one that inspired me was The Essence of Home.  I really love her blog and would have a house just like her’s if I could.  So, Kelly, thanks for the inspiration.

Bright, spring flowers in bedroom

Bright, spring flowers in bedroom

I’m really enjoying the beautiful colors during these dark, stormy days. The framed picture above the flowers is one my son bought for me by Christy Repassy.  I love that picture and will never replace it.  The flowers are sitting on a very small, antique writing desk that my mother-in-law gave me thirty plus years ago.  The door drops down and it becomes a desk.  It’s in my bedroom and I keep all of my makeup, along with my makeup mirror in it.

I apologize for the quality of the pictures.  It was storming when they were taken and we tried several times to improve the lighting, but it just didn’t happen.


Lately my daughter and I have suddenly seemed to like hats. Maybe it’s the crazy weather we’ve had out here in Houston.  One day it’s freezing cold, wet and very windy, the next hot and super humid, and then back to freezing cold, windy and wet.  Those all equal bad hair days.


Kathryn wore her hat for St. Patrick’s Day.  Her father is Irish so naturally she got all dressed up.  Her sorority shirt just happens to be green, too.


Farmboy (the aforementioned father of Kathryn) and I went to Old Town Spring on Sunday and the wind was so fierce that there was no such thing as good hair any where around.  I’ve never worn hats but we purchased this one at the hat shop there and I happily wore it the rest of the day.