Susan and Chief Heap

I’ve been attending Harris County Precinct 5 Citizen’s Police Academy, and after 10 weeks we’ve graduated. In the photo above I’m shown with Chief Ted Heap. He was an active participant in our class and played the bad guy in some of our scenarios. We had to take him down and “arrest” him, and he was a handful! Don’t let the friendly smile fool you – he makes a formidable bad guy. Glad he’s on our side!


Pictured above is Deputy Roy Guinn (on the right), who was our primary instructor and put the classes together. He was a great instructor and so much fun to work with. Our class came together as a team and cheered each other on.


At our last class, we got to do a “ride along”. Above is the car I rode in. I was lucky and got to ride with my BFF, Sergeant Mirrian Glover.


While we were out patrolling we stopped to visit with one of the neighbors. I can’t show the neighbor’s face as I don’t have her permission to do so.

We came away with a great appreciation of what our peace officers do, and the dangers they encounter while doing it. If you ever have the chance to take one of these classes, I hope you will do so.


A special thanks to Deputy Roy Guinn (on the right) for putting this all together, for encouraging us, and for laughing with us. Thanks to Sgt. Preston (center) and Sgt. Roesler (left) for the instruction and help they gave us.

It’s Been A While….

You know how life gets so busy and you never have time for the things you want to do….that’s how mine has been lately.   Today’s post is going to be kind of random, letting you know all that’s going on at the farm and in town.

katy graduation

In May, my daughter, Kathryn on the right, graduated from college with her teaching degree (that’s the director of the education program standing with her).  I’m so proud of her – she is in at least 3 honor societies, and graduated with highest honors.  She has obtained her certification and is now actively searching for a teaching position in Katy ISD.  She worked extremely hard to have such a high GPA.  She absolutely loved student teaching and I have faith that she will obtain a great job for her.  We will be having a graduation party for her on July 18th.  We would have had it sooner but her father (Farm Boy) was traveling on business for several months and we wanted him to be there for it.


My daughter-in-law, Nicole, and son, Kaleb, attended a fund raising event at the school she teaches at in CyFair ISD and posed with props for a picture.

You’ve read about our red Doberman, Bella, and how much we love her. She was not in a picture taking mood when I snapped the Chihuahuas.


Here’s Pilar, the little princess, very comfortable on mommy and daddy’s king size bed.  She weighs less than 6 pounds and sleeps most of the day.


Pepe would have preferred to not have his picture taken and be allowed to just nap undisturbed.

before and after lamps

I got tired of the black lamps in our living room, and have been gradually adding some pops of turquoise.  Target now carries some chalk paint and I thought I’d give it a try.  It’s over in the crafts section, by the office supplies.  I really love the new color and it went on quite well.  The first coat looked awful but the second turned out great.


I”ve been attending a Citizens Police Academy put on by Harris County Precinct 5.  Here is one of the instructors, who also happens to be friend, Sergeant Preston, with all of his many toys.  It’s been an eye opening class so far, and surprisingly lots of fun!


And last but not least, a picture of Farm Boy with one of his new rifles, practicing out at the farm.  We have lots of unwelcome critters out there (boars, skunks, armadillos, wild cats, coyotes, poisonous snakes) and have to be prepared to defend ourselves and our dogs.  Some of them are quite aggressive.



Farmboy grew up with horses.  He raised cattle and herded them with cutting horses.  As a child, he had a Shetland pony, and later on quarter horses.  If we lived at the farm full time I know he would rebuild our barn (which was destroyed by a tornado) and get some horses.  We would also have gardens and try to raise a lot of our own food.  There are farms all around us where people raise horses and now and then we capture some wonderful pictures of the horses.

Mare and Foal Grazing in Farm Pasture

This beautiful mare and her baby live around the corner from us.  His daddy is a gorgeous black stallion, but daddy wouldn’t come close enough to the fence to get a good picture.


Farther on down the highway there was a Paint Mama and Baby.  Their pasture was wooded and Mama was a little shy so it was harder to get ;pictures.






I’m just a City Girl, but in high school I worked part time taking care of 3 magnificent Arabians.  I truly believe that horses are some of God’s most noble creatures, and I would totally support Farm Boy in getting some, if we could live on the farm full time.

A New Duvet and Bed Skirt

I have been wanting to replace my old bedding as it’s getting pretty worn.  We have a king-sized bed and everything I liked was expensive.  I had recently bought the Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic petticoat Euro Sham,and I loved it.  (Read about it here.)  So I ordered the petticoat duvet.

(picture from Rachel Ashwell's shabby chic website

(picture from Rachel Ashwell’s shabby chic website

It was beautiful, absolutely beautiful.  Just like the euro sham I had ordered previously.  And I hated it.  I think it was just too many ruffles and it is extremely heavy.    It is 100% linen.  And truly beautiful.  It just wasn’t me.  I requested a return number, which is required to send it back.  And they were very gracious about it and quickly refunded my money.  I will still purchase many things from them as I love her products and find them to be of excellent quality.

I was disappointed, but continued my search.  I looked at Soft Surroundings and fell in love with their cotton/linen blend duvet with one ruffle.  I ordered it and the bedskirt at very reasonable prices and I’m thrilled with them.


The picture above shows the ruffle on the duvet.  Below is the bed skirt.



And here’s the bed itself.  We’ve had this bed forever and it is very tall.  I’m a tall woman and I still use a step stool to get into it.  One of the bedposts even has a bullet embedded in it but that’s a story for another time.

DSC_2688As usual, I didn’t put up all of the cords and miscellaneous items that aren’t picture-worthy.  Please don’t judge, people.  We really live in our house.

UPDATE – the duvet got dirty (no surprise with 3 dogs in the house) and I washed it and dried it. It shrunk so much I was unable to use it. I was really disappointed. I’m on the lookout for a durable, washable replacement.


Some New Things

I recently bought a couple of new things for the house in Katy.


I bought this rustic crown from Dore at Burlap Luxe . It’s so delicate and romantic, gently aged and just perfect for display. If you haven’t visited Dore’s website or her etsy shop, please do so. She makes some wonderfully romantic, peaceful art.

Farmboy drove me into Houston and I finally got to go to a physical Pottery Barn store.  It was full of all kinds of beautiful things.  I decided to buy a new shower curtain for the world’s smallest master bathroom.  It’s light and airy with just the right touch of ruffles.

Pottery Barn shoswer curtain

The picture is not the best because the bathroom truly is tiny and I couldn’t fit in there and get a decent picture.   You might have noticed that white is my favorite color.  I find it soothing.



A Beautiful Gift

A few month’s ago, I emailed Laurie at Heaven’s Walk and asked her to make me a dream catcher.  Laurie makes some of the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen.  During that time, Laurie’s mother and father died, and she was heartbroken.  I told her not to create the dream catcher until she was ready.  I wanted her to have time to mourn.

A little while later, the ;package came in the mail.


It was beautifully wrapped.


It even had a sweet note tucked in the ribbon.  I opened it and was amazed at the beauty she created.


I’d given her very little direction, asking her to make it from her heart, and if you know Laurie,  you know she has a beautiful, loving heart.


So I asked that a heart be incorporated into it.

DSC_2667I also asked for a cross.

The rest she put together.



But that’s not all that came from Laurie.  There was a second package, also beautifully wrapped.


And inside was a beautiful, sacred heart that Laurie made out of clay.  I was so touched and so happy to have it.

DSC_2681It’s on the silver tray.  Do yourself a favor and visit her website.  She lives in a wonderful farmhouse with amazing gardens.



The French Armoire

If you read my blog, you’ll remember how much  I wanted a beautiful French armoire like this one.  I could find them but they were either way too tall for my ceilings or more often way out of my price range.  I had been saving money for quite a time in anticipation of ever finding one that met my criteria.   I would even have been happy with a reproduction.  We live in west Houston right next to “Old” Katy.  That is the old downtown of Katy and it boasts several antique shops.  One of our favorites is Dovetail Antiques . The owner, Lisa, buys antiques that come from France, England and Belgium. Farmboy and I were just window-shopping a couple of weeks ago, and there she was!!! Fifi, an armoire in the style I like directly from France. (And yes, I name many things, including prime pieces of furniture and appliances, as well as vehicles.) Lisa even gave me a discount.

And here she is in all her gorgeousness!!!

Fifi - 1We’re friends, right?  So I know you’ll be kind enough to excuse the dusty floor and the cords wandering through the picture.

DSC_2674From the top of her crown….

Fifi - 2

To the bottom of her feet, I love her!!!  I would love to paint her white and distress her just a little, but I’m afraid Farmboy would be very unhappy if I did.  She definitely came from France and we can only guess her age, but she has the original key to her lock!  Lisa gave her lots of TLC before she put her out for purchase, and we will continue to do so.

Welcome home, Fifi.



The Mystery of the Shoe

The ShoeIf you look in the parking space between the two trucks you will see a shoe, specifically a beige/tan ladies pump.   Farmboy and I went to IHOP for breakfast and on the way out to our truck we saw this.  Now, we’ve seen old shoes, sneakers, etc. by themselves in a parking lot, but never a perfectly good ladies pump.

the shoe

As you can see, it’s a good quality, nearly new shoe.  And it was in the upright position just like that when we found it.  Don’t you wonder how it got there?  How does a woman, wearing heels, just walk out of one shoe and leave it behind?  I guess we’ll never know.

The raven

Maybe this bird could tell us.  He seemed like he knew everything that went on in the parking lot.

round bird

Or maybe this decidedly plumper bird could tell us.

Probably not.  I guess we’ll never know.  But we’ll always wonder about it.






My daughter, Kathryn, loves Halloween best of all the holidays.  Her brother feels pretty much the same way.  She decorated the interior of our house as well as the exterior. Let’s check out the exterior first.  It’s overcast and thundering today so the pictures aren’t the best.

First, outside.  Hidden in the hedges are all kinds of creepy creatures:



Be careful when you come to our front door:  According to the sign, there’s a vampire on duty.


And he’s not alone.   The witch is also in.


And that’s only if you happen to get by the lovely couple on the porch:


And there’s a few ghosts:



And now to the inside.  The top of our antique buffet is covered in various items.



And here is our mantel:




The grate in front of the fireplace:

The skeleton hanging between the mantel and the television:

Obviously we use skulls in our decore:




Some members of the family just aren’t impressed:








Bella the Wonder Dobie was not available for a picture. She was snoozing out in the sun.

So, if you’re feeling brave, and maybe wearing some garlic, come on by!


Round Top, Texas

Last weekend we went to Round Top and the surrounding areas Round Top signThe population is actually at 93 now.   But during the antiques fair it swells to thousands and thousands.   We stopped at many, many places but the place I was most excited about was The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell.The PrairieIt is a little off the beaten path, but once you get there it is so serene.  The weather was absolutely beautiful.   We didn’t stay in any of her wonderful little cottages, but driving up this was the first thing you see.

entrance to The Prairie

There are directions that take you to the actual store, which is where I wanted to go.

The Prairie by  Rachel AshwellFarmboy was bored by the interior of the store and maybe just a little uncomfortable.  He spent his time outside snapping pictures while I shopped.

Inside the storeThis beautiful horse is in a corner of the shop, next to the restroom.

table and chairs

Inside is a farm table with chairs.  Each chair has a different slipcover on it.

sitting areaThis was the sitting area.  The chair on the right is soft and mushy and just holds you close when you sit in it.

The couchThe sofa pictured above is the Rachel, I believe.  The one here is slip-covered in linen.  I sat down on this sofa and was in Heaven.  This is the most comfortable sofa I have ever sat in my whole entire life.  It’s the perfect amount of softness, thanks to the down-wrapped cushions.  The back is tall enough to support you.  I would have to buy it slip-covered in white denim because I have dogs who believe the sofa is theirs, and to buy it and have it shipped to my house would be a little over $4000.00!!!  I have never bought a $4000 sofa.  I’ve had the iconic IKEA sofa, and it was fine for that period in my life.  I’ve tested the different Pottery Barn sofas, but nothing has ever compared to this.  So yes, although it’s terribly expensive, I’m saving my  money and planning on buying one in a year.   At this stage in my life, I have concluded that I’d rather shell out the money for the good stuff, even if I have to save for it, than settle for cheaper.

coffee table

In this picture you can see the coffee table.  I loved it and I’m not even sure if Rachel Ashwell sells it.  But I do know that Farmboy can create one just like it and I can do the paint treatment for less than we could buy it anywhere.  I plan to do that when it’s time to purchase the new sofa.

coffee table top

In the picture above, you can see the paint treatment on the top of it.

sitting area

Here’s the outdoor seating area.  Below are more pictures Farmboy snapped while I was shopping.






It was a beautiful day and we didn’t really buy anything, but we enjoyed it all.